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Hate to forget something? We provide Hosting and Maintenance for every website.
Looking to Dig out?
New websites are over whelming.
Do you want a “Complete Solution” for your website?
Communication Is Key
Market Research is included and speaks directly to
your customers and prospects.

Web Design For You

To keep cost low we’ve shortened the Web Design Process.

All Content is delivered BEFORE the contract is signed and first payment is made.(Reservations are available).

Sites are completed within 2 weeks (Most in one week).

The actual design process includes the business owner or designee.


About Us

Center for Clever Internet Marketing Agency comes from the belief that people engage and enjoy clever. Clever is the way to show people that you are not boring and useless, but that the purpose can be shown in different ways. Having a focus on more than “better”, clever is not a passing phase that will be out of style and need to be replaced. Clever has been and continues to be self defined, giving businesses the ability and the obligation to be unique and about something other than what they sell. How clever are you? How can you be more clever? How clever can you be? Clever is a path and a way to show your culture, while enjoying the process of working each day. What do you want to think about being clever or staying in business one more day? Don’t let the question be “How clever are you?” create the conversation about how clever you are and then think how clever you can be. Southwest doesn’t have to love flying, but they do. Apple computers don’t have to be stylish, but they are. Trader Joe’s doesn’t need to wear Hawaiian shirts, but they do. Most business don’t need to be clever, but it helps. Welcome to the “Center For Clever”.


To help business owners have a one-stop shop for everything on and about their website, we’ve included many services where others charge extra. We ALWAYS include installation, market research, social media integration, SEO optimization also a year of hosting, monitoring, maintenance and security updates. If you find anyone else providing all of these services INCLUDED in their web design services, please let us know. We’d like to refer them business, when we get backed up/job too big/too small. 
Website Maintenance and Security

Website Maintenance and Security

Keep software and security up to date

Social Media

Social Media

Account Setup and Interactions (more…)

Content Creation

Content Creation

We’ll write articles, create videos and locate images.

Design and Install Website

Design and Install Website

Including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Images and Content Layout


Market Research

Market Research

Help Determine and Locate your audience

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Monitoring and Backup (more…)


Steve has the knowledge and expertise to navigate through the every changing and complicated internet marketing challenges any business may face. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of someone capable of delivering your specific value proposition to attract new clients.

Robert L., Energy Consultant

Steve offered a consistent leadership presence for our North Jersey Small Business Networking group. He would introduce new ideas to the group weekly and encourage interactive discussions ranging from how to generate new business using SEO/SEM to what sharing what some obstacles might be for one’s business.

Erica M. , Marketer

Mr. Navazio assisted me with my getting our law firm its own website. It greatly improved the firm’s visibility and it increased telephone calls from new prospects. He is very knowledgeable in all things computers and internet. He is a critical thinker and he can tackle even the most complex tasks. What I like most about Mr. Navazio is that he is honest and he will not take on jobs that do not interest him or that he does not know how to handle, and this is a prime quality in my book.”

Regino DLC, Attorney

I hired him to review and critique my website. He gave me important insights and suggestions about how to improve my website. I recommend Stephen for any of your internet marketing needs.

Ruthi B. , Therapist

If you’re looking for someone who cares, you’ve come to the right place. Steve will give his utmost effort to help you achieve your goals. Why? Because he’s the kind of person who actually likes to help others and to help them well.

Alan W. Attorney