7 Elements of Web Design

As covered in the article on hubspot.com on the 7 elements of web design, we can learn and see trends that help improve performance. Here are a few of the main elements that help shape the web today.

Type Font doesn’t only show style, but can set the mood for the reader, when chosen wisely. In the same light the wrong font is sure to turn people away quicker than almost any other aspect of web design, since the reader will be living with the font the entire visit. Returning visitors will find other places for the information on your site, if they really find the site “un-readable”.

A flat design lets the site owner take control of the experience, since it’s easy to draw attention away from boring parts of the site with a color, if the site is basically monochromatic. Flat design lets the designer let the content shine. Since the flat dessign is easy to navigate, the user can navigate easily, opposed to a fancy website. The flat design lends itself to more white space, thus drawing importance to what is there opposed to the blank white space. Almost like a black and white photo captivates us in the shadows.

Hover effects work well in any design, but flat makes them jump off the screen. they show where you are on the page. The change in color sends a trigger to ourĀ  eye, just like an object moving. The colors can be subtle and the change not disruptive.

Scrolling to page sections, is kinda like having a big one page website. This isn’t true, much of the sites info is off the main page, but having one long scrolling page give context to the site that small pages can’t give. Just like jumping up and down on a big bed and not being afraid of falling off. You’ll never get lost and you’ll be right where you started. Very smooth.

Theses elements help show why sites look the way they do and give direction that will help improve our own sites. If you have any questions just let us know.