About Us

Center for Clever Internet Marketing Agency comes from the belief that people engage and enjoy clever. Clever is the way to show people that you are not boring and useless, but that the purpose can be shown in different ways. Having a focus on more than “better”, clever is not a passing phase that will be out of style and need to be replaced. Clever has been and continues to be self defined, giving businesses the ability and the obligation to be unique and about something other than what they sell. How clever are you? How can you be more clever? How clever can you be? Clever is a path and a way to show your culture, while enjoying the process of working each day. What do you want to think about being clever or staying in business one more day? Don’t let the question be “How clever are you?” create the conversation about how clever you are and then think how clever you can be. Southwest doesn’t have to love flying, but they do. Apple computers don’t have to be stylish, but they are. Trader Joe’s doesn’t need to wear Hawaiian shirts, but they do. Most business don’t need to be clever, but it helps. Welcome to the “Center For Clever”.