The first step at the Center is to understand what our potential client, you, want. Having spent years doing business analysis, the art of turn businesses wants in to technology solutions is an iterative process. The process flows faster when the you are able to share your vision and clearly state your wants. The business “needs” is a secondary discussion, that is usually conveyed during the “wants” interview.

Getting to know you is just as much about what you need from us as it is learning how to serve you best. We’ll be making recommendations about critical business decisions, so knowing your culture and methods will improve the quality of feedback.

As shown here on a post are the 7 elements of web design. Basically making your site easy to read with clear images on a single page give the user an easier way to learn about your company.  At the Center, many of the design aspects are taken from information Hubspots “Critical Tactics for Exceptional Website Design“, they offer a free copy on the post.