Engagement with Social Media

Customers want to know the companies better than just getting a flyer in the mail. They want to see reviews and hear from other people that have used the company. A better understanding of the business will hopefully lead to a better user experience.That’s what they want and as consumers we all want to deal with companies that are able to deliver a good experience.


The first step is finding where you potential customers hiding is to understand your demographic. Determining who buys your products or services gives you a way to them. Once you’ve decided who is buy, then understanding their psychographics is the next step. You can get an over view of psychographics by reading this Hubspot.com article on the the subject. Hubspot is a great U.K. based inbound marketing company, inbound meaning customers coming to you for valuable information, as they lead by example on this (and every blog post). As mentioned in the blog post, social media can be used to gather data about your customers. When people like and friend you on Facebook they are giving you access to a huge amount of data, using that to help target other people like them is the key to success in Social Media marketing.