Testing Search Engines

Below is the process we use to ensure the SEO methods are useful and current. We’ve exposed this business method to how our work product is different from other SEO companies.

1. Register giberish URL, like “yueirte.com”

2. Create a WordPress website with all the “best practices” methods (pages) included

3. Create 20 or 30 webpages (since pages rank, not websites) based on a different giberish keywords, like “hjskwecrt”, “hjewert”,”jlerwww”, ETC.. All of the pages will have triplicate versions with one small change in each version. Each change would need to be done on at least two different keywords, to validate the test.

4. Let the site Age for a month or two.

5. Check Results

This method can also be used to watch how off page SEO affects ranking also. Just use two identically ranked Keywords and perform the SEO that you’d like to test.

At this time we don’t publish the results or websites, since this would “end the test” and the time and effort afforded to create these types of test is very costly.