Top 10 Tips for an Incredible Website Sales Funnel

Letting customers get a better feel for your product of service is the best way to increase sales. Here are some of the best tips to have you website become a geat sales funnel for your business.The sales funnel can be depicted as the flow from marketing to a sale.Research has shown a good sales funnel can achieve 20% annual revenue growth, as reported by the a Aberdeen Group.

  • Qualify Each Lead
  • Every Page has a business intent
  • Test Every Thing
  • Rewrite Headlines 25 times
  • Show prospects how you are different (USP,Unique Sales Proposition)
  • Use a simple and easy contact form
  • Know who your customer demographic
  • Use social media to get to know your customers likes and dislikes
  • Use list building when possible (Via Webinars, Free Give Aways, Cooupons, ETC.)
  • Offer Great Updated Content