After reading this article from Rand Fishkin @, So I took their plan and used it against them!!!I was inspired to create my own “Top 5 ways to Create Great Content” list.
  • What question isn’t being answered by the search results? Look for the hole in Google’s response, just like any good business method.
  • How can you increase the level user experience satisfaction? You can think in terms of speed, mobility, design quality, to start. Can you look farther past these? Be a leader, even if nobody is following (at first). Share you vision and then refine it. “Makes me think of Ringo Starr!!”(He got much better with age!)
  • Increase the detail and update older info in the search engine response.
  • Is there a visual response? Using visuals can make your content incredible, create and have fun, it’ll show.
  • What is the quality of writing? Increase it, even if it means becoming a be a better writer.
  • What data sources are used? Can I find better data sources? Don’t get stuck using the same old sources, “be un-stuckable”